February 1st, 2024 – In Yunnan, CMF actively participated in the Annual Meeting of the International Non-Government Organization (INGO) Representatives for Yunnan, organized by the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department in Kunming. Ms. Liu Jingru, CMF’s Chief China Representative for Yunnan, delivered a comprehensive report on CMF’s program development in 2023, highlighting challenges faced and outlining the program plan for 2024, encompassing the Every Baby Rescued plan for Yunnan Guizhou, Gansu, Ningxia, Shanxi and Hebei.

The meeting brought together 22 INGOs operating in Yunnan, each sharing their own program reports. This gathering fostered industry networking and knowledge exchange, enabling CMF to gain valuable insights into the progress and development of the sector.

As CMF continues its journey of making a positive difference in society, the organization remains dedicated to fostering collaboration and learning within the industry. The active participation in the Annual Meeting of the INGO Representatives for Yunnan underscores CMF’s commitment to staying at the forefront of program development, forging strong partnerships, and leveraging collective expertise to create meaningful impact.