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CMF relies on the generous support of individuals and corporations to fund our programs: we do not receive any government funding.


CMF’s Board of Directors is a 100% giving board.  Their contributions cover 100% of CMF’s Administration costs.

We value efficiency, transparency, and strong organizational governance.

CMF is led by a Board of Directors and staff that are committed to ensuring that the Foundation uses donor money efficiently and transparently. CMF is audited by independent auditors every year and makes this audit public.

As little as HK$500 can make a significant difference.

HK$500 can buy 6 textbooks to train a doctor or nurse working in a rural hospital in newborn resuscitation (helping a newborn baby breathe) and emergency care.

HK$2,000 can buy a set of newborn resuscitation equipment for a rural health care facility.

HK$10,000 can save the life of at least one baby whose family cannot afford their medical treatment through our Save-A-Baby Program.

HK$48,000 can buy a specialized neonatal monitor for our Neonatal Care Unit.

HK$150,000 can equip an ambulance with a portable incubator to safely transport critically ill newborn babies to our NCU hospitals.

HK$800,000 can fund the establishment of a Neonatal Care Unit providing high quality newborn health care to a rural, underserved region of China.



Children’s Medical Foundation Limited is a Hong Kong-based charity (Charity Number 91/4554).  Donations to CMF are tax-deductible in Hong Kong.