December 28th, 2023 – A remarkable milestone was reached as the intensive neonatal care medical training concluded for 14 dedicated participants from eight county hospitals in Tongren and Zunyi. After six months of rigorous training, these neonatal doctors and nurses returned to their respective county hospitals with renewed enthusiasm, ready to apply their newfound knowledge and skills to make an immediate impact on newborn medical care services.

The closing ceremony of their training coincided with the opening ceremony for five newly arrived participants from Bijie prefecture’s county hospitals. This convergence of talent and dedication symbolizes the collective effort of Guiyang Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, the training hospital, and the teams at the participants’ home county hospitals. Their unwavering commitment and the willingness to work double shifts have made this capacity building initiative a resounding success.

Meanwhile, the donated equipment has been meticulously installed, and colleagues in the pediatric department have undergone training sessions on effective and timely equipment usage. These preparations are essential, setting the stage for the imminent launch or relaunch of their County Neonatal Care Units.

Your generous support has played a crucial role in making this journey possible. Together, we are empowering healthcare professionals, enhancing medical infrastructure, and ultimately saving the lives of countless newborns. The impact of your contribution reverberates through these hospitals and communities, bringing hope and a brighter future to families in need.