Shanghai, May 17, 2023—Children’s Medical Foundation (CMF) officially launched the “Every Baby Rescued (EBR),” bringing good news to newborns in the central and western regions. The project aims to collaborate closely with local medical institutions to provide high-quality medical services for newborns in the central and western regions, ensuring their health and well-being.

At the launch ceremony, 250 guests including medical professionals from 85 prefectural cities, county-level program hospitals, members of the foundation’s board of directors, and representatives from donors witnessed this significant moment through online and offline means.

Following the launch ceremony, the Foundation concurrently hosted its “6th National Neonatal Network Conference”. This grand occasion brought together dozens of top domestic and international experts in obstetrics, pediatrics, and neonatology, who shared valuable experiences and cutting-edge research findings. The conference passionately discussed key topics in newborn care, including screening for group B streptococcus infection, care for premature infants, and respiratory support, which are leading areas in the industry. The deep exchange and interaction among participants not only enhanced collaboration but also deepened mutual understanding and recognition of the cause of newborn care.