On May 18, 2023, the Children’s Medical Foundation (CMF) and Shanghai Children’s Medical Center (SCMC) held a significant meeting with the aim of promoting further collaboration in the field of neonatal health.

During the meeting, Mr. Alex NG, Chairman of the Children’s Medical Foundation (CMF), Ms. Estella Huang Lung , CEO, Ms. Guoli SHEN, Deputy CEO, and Ms. Guifang LI, Project Director, along with distinguished representatives from Shanghai Children’s Medical Center (SCMC) including Vice President Ms. Li HONG and Mr. Mazhong ZHANG, Office Director Ms. Yinglei YANG, and Deputy Chief of Neonatology Department Dr. Jun BU, gathered together for in-depth discussions and exchanges.

During the meeting, both parties engaged in in-depth discussions on the coordination and direction setting of child health policies. They extensively discussed the “Remote and Emergency Action” program in Nujiang, which aims to address the challenges faced by children’s health in remote areas of Nujiang by implementing a comprehensive health promotion model developed domestically. The attendees also actively sought consultation on the Jinxin pilot program and had in-depth discussions on the pilot program’s content and the consulting role of SCMC within the program. The smooth progress of this program will bring positive momentum and impact to the innovation and development of child health. Additionally, the attendees collaborated on exploring effective ways to publish research results, aiming to further enhance the program’s influence and sustainable development. Lastly, they discussed future collaborations for continuing medical education and training, demonstrating their determination and willingness to strengthen cooperation.

This meeting has established a solid bridge for the cooperation between SCMC and CMF. Both parties will continue to enhance communication and collaboration, working together to contribute to the development of child health and the well-being of children on a larger scale.