We are thrilled to announce that the Double Evaluation, conducted by the Yunnan Provincial Health Commission and Yunnan Public Securities Bureau, of CMF’s Comprehensive Neonatal Healthcare Project (CNHP) passed, exceeding expectations. Led by Dr. Zhou, the Neonatal Department Director of CMF national training partner, Guangzhou Women & Children’s Medical Center (GWCMC), CMF showcased the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit established in 2014 at Pu’er People’s Hospital and subsequent neonatal programs jumpstarted from the hub: Neonatal Resuscitation Training & Emergency Baby Care, Mobile Emergency Response Unit  and Save – A – Baby Program.

Initiated in 2014 in partnership with GWCMC, for Pu’er People’s Hospital and Pu’er prefecture, the pre-program Benchmark Study revealed that low birth weight and asphyxia were the primary reasons for 51.7% of all newborn death, followed by accidental death, congenital causes and pneumonia. Lack of talent, technical expertise, community collaboration and technology were root causes.

Fast forward six years, the program’s impact continues to be felt, elevated the level of neonatal care capacity for the region, reducing preventable newborn deaths and building healthcare systems. Evaluation success underscored Yunnan officials’ desire for CMF to expand catalytic philanthropy for Yunnan.

Program Partners

Guangzhou Women & Children’s Medical Center

Pu’er People’s Hospital

Government Evaluation

Yunnan Provincial Health Commission

Yunnan Provincial Public Securities Bureau

Pu’er Prefecture Health Commission

Pu’er Prefecture Public Securities Bureau