After much difficulty getting pregnant, Yi Yinglin received the news that she was pregnant with her first child, a son. Filled with joy, she could not wait for the day she would become a mother.

Born at 39 weeks, weighing 3450 grams, her son was a healthy, strong boy. But the day after his birth, the Yi baby was taken in critical condition to Anlong County People’s, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia. Upon completing 7 days of treatment, the hospital released the baby, and the Yi family returned home hoping that the challenges of their journey to becoming parents were done.

In reality, the ordeal was far from being over. Following their return home, Yinglin noticed that her son was still seriously ill – he refused being fed, vomited repeatedly, exhibited rapid breathing and skin inflammation.

After 10 days of watching their newborn baby’s health deteriorate, the Yi family decided it was time to seek more intensive treatment. The Yi baby was admitted to Xingyi People’s Hospital, where it was confirmed that he still had a serious case of pneumonia. The doctors there referred the Yi family to Qianxinan’s People’s Hospital for advanced neonatal intensive care.

Because the family knew that the training the doctors and nurses received at Qianxinan People’s Hospital, along with the equipment in the NICU, were all of top quality, they were relieved and certain that their baby boy would be released the healthy, strong boy he was at birth.

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