Ms. Lu, a nurse, and Mr. Lu, a salesman, had a full-term baby girl on June 24, 2017. The Lu baby weighed 3,050g and seemed to have no health problems. They were both delighted with their new child.

 However, the next day, the skin of Ms Lu’s baby began showing a slight yellow discoloration and had a noticeable decrease in appetite. After 3 days, Baby Lu’s condition did not change, so her parents rushed her to a CMF partner hospital, Qianxinan People’s Hospital at Xingyi. There, Ms. Lu’s baby was diagnosed with a lung infection and hyperbilirubinemia (neonatal jaundice).

 Jaundice affects over half of newborn babies and is usually very easily treated. Unfortunately, in some areas of rural China, it remains a main cause of death and vertebral palsy for newborns. CMF partnered with Qianxinan People’s Hospital to train the nurses in the the latest advances in neonatal care.  These programs along with the knowledge they provided local nurses heightened the reputation of the hospital creating a sense of trust amongst its patients.  Local parents, like Mr. and Ms. Lu, trust that CMF’s partner hospital, Qianxinan People’s Hospital, can provide them with high quality neonatal care services and save their babies.