Invited by the Yunnan Provincial Health Commission (YNPHC), CMF was honored to be the only ONGO to conduct R&D for Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, a place with spectacular vistas and rich ethnic mosaic, located at Yunnan’s western border with Myanmar and Tibet.

Led by Ms. Xie from YNPHC, the CMF Program Team visited Lushui People’s County Hospital, and Nujiang Prefecture People’s Hospital, home to the only neonatal ward in the region, to better understand the high infant mortality rate, which is double Yunnan’s provincial average.

Despite the rapid transition from small-scale living standards, topography, poor transport and ancient cultural practices have caused slow take up of available medical care resources and created gaps in quality child healthcare and a population left behind in Yunnan province. Given CMF’s partnership and program progress in rural communities, CMF was invited to launch a Pilot Program in Nujiang, Yunnan, in 2022.

Starting with Nujiang, Yunnan, CMF will bring technical expertise from the Comprehensive Neonatal Healthcare Project (CNHP) and Every Baby Rescued (EBR) models, partner with advisors and the community in a pilot effort to promote health education, and build newborn medical care capabilities.