Representatives from Draeger, the international medical equipment manufacturer, travel from Germany and Shanghai to commemorate the donation of a new transport incubator and monitor, the first pieces of much needed equipment to establish a new baby ambulance service for the Bijie region, Guizhou’s most populous prefecture.

(Above Left) Claudia Draeger presents the donation of a Draeger transport incubator and monitor to President Chen Wenzhi of Bijie First People’s Hospital.  (Above Right) During the donation ceremony, the Bijie Vice-Mayor, Director of Bijie Health Bureau, President of Bijie First People’s Hospital, and other officials welcome Draeger and Children’s Medical Foundation representatives.

(Above Left) Entrance sign to Bijie First People’s Hospital welcomes Draeger and Children’s Medical Foundation.  (Above Right) Group photo including Bijie government and hospital officials; Draeger representatives Claudia Draeger, Hua Liang, Xiaoyong Wang, Shibo Zhang, Sammi Zhang, Ke Pan; CMF representatives David Wong, Jingru Liu.

(Above) Newborns being treated in the CMF sponsored Neonatal Care Unit at Bijie First People’s Hospital.

(Above) On the road to visit a township health facility, quite a ways from the hospital in Bijie. To provide safe transfer for ill newborns, the new baby ambulance will be dispatched to areas like these to rescue babies.
(Above Left) Xinglong Township health center, one of the rural locations that will be supported by the baby ambulance service. (Above Right) Xinglong Township health center officials, doctors, and nurses with visitors from Draeger, Bijie First People’s Hospital, and Children’s Medical Foundation.