On Sunday, July 5, Children’s Medical Foundation hosted a booth at the Children’s Charity Carnival in Chai Wan. The carnival had a diverse range of activities and events for the kids and their parents, which all promoted the aims of different charity organizations.

Picture of the CMF booth in the carnival and kids coloring

Kids of all ages and sizes began to trickle into the area throughout the afternoon, eagerly glancing at all the booths and activities. The CMF booth gave out blank color-in butterfly cutouts with its website imprinted in the bottom left corner, so kids could personalize them and hopefully remember our organization when they return home. We also provided fliers, stickers, and donation boxes to further raise awareness of our cause. Later during the day, two interns currently involved with CMF introduced our sponsored programs and objectives to the crowd.

Pictures of CMF’s booth at the carnival

Other events ran during the day as well; there was a fashion show, spelling bee competition, photo booth, and raffle ticket lottery. The air was buzzing with excited energy as some of Hong Kong’s social elites arrived at the scene, including CMF’s Save-a-Baby Ambassador, Eileen Tung. Several photographers lined the room with professional cameras and media equipment. Then, the room was filled with endless laughter as the events began.

CMF’s Save-a-Baby Ambassador Eileen Tung speaking at the event

It was an incredibly enjoyable and informative experience for CMF’s workers, as we had fun raising awareness of our cause, learning about other charities, and working with the children who attended the event.

CMF’s team left to right: Lauren Lee, Eva Yiu, Sarah Xiao, Genevieve Ileris