The Guizhou Benchmark Study, to identify a 6th program site in Guizhou, was led by Dr. Chen Chao from Fudan University, and joined by Dr. Liu Ling from Guizhou Provincial Maternal and Child Hospital, and CMF’s Program Director, Liu Guifang. The team evaluated the three remaining prefectures in Guizhou where CMF does not currently operate – Liupanshui, Anshun and Qiannan – with an aim to recommend one hospital and corresponding prefecture for implementation of the Comprehensive Neonatal Health Care Project.

Liupanshui was recommended for its dire need. The reported death rate of babies under 28 days old is an unacceptable 5.6 deaths per 1,000 births; typically the real situation is 3x worse than reported, these deaths are preventable. Liupanshui is the poorest prefecture in Guizhou, with 68.3% of its population living under the poverty line. As the furthest in proximity from Guiyang, where the closest neonatal intensive care unit is located, establishment of a new site in Liupanshui would bring accessibility to advanced neonatal healthcare and much needed capacity so that medical professionals may properly treat sick newborns and prevent unnecessary deaths.

Dr.Chen Chao was having a conversation with the staffs in Liupanshui Hospital

Liupanshui Hospital’s NICU

Liupanshui Hospital’s Sick Ward