The Yuan’s daughter was delivered in Bazhong Central Hospital on July 18th, 2014. She who only weighed 950 grams was admitted in NICU immediately. She diagnosed with premature and asphyxia, being fragile and weak, and unable to breathe on her own, requiring the assistance of ventilators. At the same time, Yuan was also admitted and treated for her nephrotic syndrome. In Yuan’s family, father of the baby was the only financial resource, supporting this 8 people family with his 2000 yuan monthly salary. The incurred expense from the mom and the baby was a heavy burden for the Yuan family. After a month, doctors in Bazhong NCU did not want the Yuan family to give the treatment for the baby, since there would be no chance for the baby to survive without the intensive care. The doctors decided to file an application of the Save-A-Baby program for the family. Without any hesitation, CMF approved the application and the baby remained in hospital care. During the Sichuan Program Evaluation trip in Bazhong, CMF team has met the Yuan’s baby-Wanlin who has grown into a healthy and beautiful little girl.