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Strategy & Vision

Our Strategy

CMF works with hospitals to train health care professionals, increase local capacity, and improve medical infrastructure. Using a multi-faceted approach, CMF strives to develop sustainable and cost-effective maternal and child health care models that can create a big impact on lowering neonatal mortality rate.

Local Hospital Partners

We deliver our programs in partnership with two major Children’s hospitals in Shanghai and work closely with hospitals in low-resource areas who serve large rural populations. We leverage our partner hospitals’ understanding of local culture, language, and context, tailoring our programs to local needs.

Train-the-trainer Model

We train trainers from the region surrounding our local partner hospitals. The trainers return to their regions to train fellow physicians with better health practices in order to amelioriate neonatal health care practices. The capacity to train remains in the area once a session is completed – and the regional hospitals ensure that their health care workers can regularly keep up-to-date with their skills.

Evaluation and Monitoring

Evaluation and monitoring are built into our program design. We work closely with our local hospital partners to build realistic systems that will allow them to receive feedback on what is and is not working – ensuring that our programs continuously evolve to better fit each region's needs.

Building Networks

We nurture healthcare networks by providing opportunities to connect, share information, and learn. By connecting health care professionals and their institutions both at the community and national levels, we are providing opportunities for learning, growth, innovation, and change.

Going forward, CMF’s vision is to encourage innovative grassroots driven projects; pilot, evaluate and improve these projects; seek third party support to bring these projects to scale; and build and fund similar delivery models in other developing Asian countries.