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Baby Zhang Turned 2 This Year!

On April 26, 2016, two days after birth, Baby Zhang from Zhatong, Sichuan, China, stopped eating and defecating. With Baby Zhang’s weight dropping from 2,700g to 2,670g, Baby Zhang’s parents, Mr. Zhang and Ms. Zhao, felt anxious and took their newborn to Zhatong Maternal Child and Health. Equipped with CMF’s Neonatal Care Unit and doctors and nurses trained through CMF’s Neonatal Resuscitation Program, Zhatong MCH had the neonatal capacity to diagnose Baby Zhaong with the flu, intestinal obstruction and neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. 
Residing in poverty-stricken, remote mountainous valley, Baby Zhang’s parents earns a family income of US$125 per month taking on part-time jobs during the non-farming season in order to support their 5 member family. Defined by the United Nations, the Zhang Family lives under extreme poverty line (living under US$1.25 per day); Baby Zhang’s medical treatment could not be covered by Mr. Zhang and Ms. Zhao’s salary.
Feeling heartbroken and hopeless, Mr. Zhang and Ms. Zhao felt that giving up was the last thing they wanted to do, as they had once lost one of their children.
Fortunately, just as they were beginning to lose hope, doctors and nurses at Zhatong MCH informed the family about CMF’s Save-A-Baby program, funded by South China Morning Post's Operation Santa Claus, which would help the family pay for Baby Zhang’s medical treatment. 
Today, thanks to SCMP OSC’s support,  Baby Zhang is as healthy as ever, now 2 years old. Though the parents currently have no stable income, relying on farm crops, they do have some temporary work to support their livelihoods. Baby Zhang’s grandparents help look after Baby Zhang as they are too old to work. 
Because Baby Zhang did not have an easy first few days of life, Mr. Zhang and Ms. Zhao only hopes that their baby can grow up healthily and happily. Mr. Zhang and Ms. Zhao hopes that Baby Zhang will be able to do whatever he wants in the future. 
Pledge your support today so that every baby is granted a healthy start to life.