Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Program

CMF has worked to establish NICUs at hospitals in low-resource areas that serve large rural populations. By building capacity through providing training opportunities and donating equipment, the program’s goal was to reduce neonatal (babies under 28 days old) mortality rates in rural areas where the death rate of newborn babies is high. An evaluation of our NICU Program in 2009 confirmed the positive impact of the establishment of NICU sites; all CMF NICUs showed a decrease in the death rate of newborn babies and an increased capacity to manage babies born with an extremely low birth weight. In 2010, we opened our 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th NICU. As of date, network of 30 NICUs have been established in 12 provinces and serve more than 43,800 newborn babies every year - 5 babies every hour.

Our 20 NICU Hospitals

  • Dazhou Second People's Hospital
  • Fu Yang Maternal & Children's Hospital
  • Guangxi Youjiang Medical College Hospital
  • Guiyang Maternal & Children's Hospital
  • Haining Maternal & Children's Hospital
  • Hengyang Central Hospital
  • Inner-mongolia Maternal & Children's Hospital
  • Jiang Shang Maternal & Children's Hospital
  • Lhasa People's Hospital
  • Liuzhou People's Hospital
  • Longyou Maternal & Children's Hospital
  • Mianyang Central Hospital
  • Shangrao People's Hospital
  • The First Hospital Affiliated Shehezhi Medical College
  • Yaan People's Hospital
  • Yan'an University Affliated Hospital
  • Yinchuan No.1 People's Hospital
  • Yongkang Maternal & Children's Hospital
  • Zhaotong City Maternal and Children Hospital
  • Zunyi Medical College Hospital