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Join our global Fellowship for this year’s program designed to test your assumptions about the power of your personal financial decisions. Delivered over two Saturday mornings, the program will cover the essentials you need to build and manage a budget, understand market trends, avoid common investment mistakes, and make a realistic financial plan.

As in past years, the content is uniquely designed to convey college-level concepts with senior executives and Yale alumni as instructors.  2021 Fellows will engage with an EXTRAORDINARY line-up of speakers who donate their time and talent to make the learning both valuable and engaging!  Confirmed speakers (in session order) include:


Students will test their knowledge and apply new concepts thorugh a series of interactive group discussions: 

  • You want your parents to increase your college living allowance - how do you convince them? 

  • You just won the lottery - which industries or trends do you think would be good long-term investment winners?

  • How can I use my $$ to influence environmental and social factors I value and ensure my investments and donations are impactful? 

  • What factors will impact my ability to save $XX 10 years after graduating?


When: Saturday, July 10th and July 17th

Time: 9:00AM – 1:15PM

Where: Live virtual (Hong Kong) 

Who: Ages 14 - 19



Throughout the sessions you will be challenged to think about the impact of spending and investing choices, and how they can impact the world around you. Interactive discussions will be led by senior industry professionals and include:

Building your budget: Can I afford ……?  Income and expenses, goal setting, monitoring and correction

Building a Moat: What’s their advantage?   Competitive advantage and how it determines winners and losers

Trends or Trendy: Would you invest in that?  Insights on the difference between fads and fundamentals

“Investing” in non-profits: The heart or the head?  Making the most impact with your donation choices

Investing for change: Does my $$ matter? Socially responsible investing (SRI) and impact

Game Changers: Did you see that coming? Mega trends, marketing, behaviour, and government impact

Avoiding investor pitfalls:  Am I too emotional?  Common mistakes people make managing their resources

Financial Planning: How much will I need to…?  The  factors that influence med- and long-term outcomes




The Social Impact Fellowship prepares high school students to be socially responsible leaders with the skills and understanding needed to lead impactful personal and professional lives.

Unique Scope

Initiated in 2018 as a four-week intensive summer program, Fellowship combines the best elements of enrichment, service learning, and internship to create an unparalleled learning experience for high school students interested in innovative solutions to important social issues.

Collaborative Delivery

The program brings together CMF nonprofit leadership, Yale University’s model for student-led socially responsible investment (SRI), and the Hong Kong business community to give students hands-on experience and skills development in nonprofit leadership, investment management, and the field of medicine.

Double your Impact

The Social Impact Fellowship is an innovative social enterprise designed to both cultivate the next generation of civic-minded leaders and to have a positive impact on children’s healthcare in Asia.