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Eileen Tung talks CMF on RTHK 1

21 May 2015

Big thanks to Theo and Akina from Radio 1, RTHK for the great interview with Ms. Eileen Tung, CMFs Save-A-Baby Ambassador and Mr. David Wong, Executive Director at their show 精靈一點 this Tuesday. Lets hear them share their visit to a CMF hospital in rural Guizhou. (Left) David Wong,... Read More ›

Eileen Tung Visits Newborns Saved by CMF!

04 Feb 2015

Save a Baby ambassador Eileen Tung brings joy and cheer to newborns and medical staff alike during her visit to Qianxinan Peoples Hospital, one of Childrens Medical Foundations hospital partners in southwest Guizhou Province. Eileen met a number of families whose babies were saved through ... Read More ›

Celebrate with Twopresents and support CMF!

04 Dec 2014

Birthday party coming soon? Save time, reduce waste, get the perfect gift and support Childrens Medical Foundation! For your childs next birthday party, experience the magic of a Twopresents party! Heres how it works everyone contributes into a single gift fund through the Twopre... Read More ›

Operation Santa Claus 2014 Supports CMF!

15 Nov 2014

Rural families in Yunnan will receive lifesaving care for their newborns through the generous sponsorship of Operation Santa Claus 2014, the annual giving campaign organized by RTHK and SCMP! In underdeveloped regions of China, parents struggle to find a hospital that can save their ... Read More ›

A Fun Day at the CCC Event!

11 Jul 2014

Sunday, July 6 was the Children Charities Carnivalan event targeted at instilling in young children a love for charity and the idea of giving back. After a week of preparation for the event, we had our Childrens Medical Foundation booth set-up and full with coloring activities, quizzes, prizes... Read More ›

Visit to Guangzhou Hospital

09 Jul 2014

On Wednesday June 26th, David, Kristi, Cathy, and I took a trip from the Hong Kong CMF office to visit the Guangzhou Womens and Childrens Hospital in Guangdong Province. It was a very long day, but an incredible one at that. We met at the Hung Hom train station at 8:30 that morning in order to... Read More ›

Saving More Newborns in Bazhong, Sichuan

19 Jun 2014

Shanghai Childrens Medical Center and Childrens Medical Foundation commemorate the opening of a new Neonatal Care Unit at Bazhong Central Hospital, serving this rural prefecture in northeastern Sichuan Province. Doctors and nurses from surrounding medical facilities also received NRP training ... Read More ›

HKIS Interact Club "Axiom 2014" Charity Fashion Show

23 May 2014

Congratulations to everyone involved with the Hong Kong International School Interact Club 15th Annual Charity Fashion Show, Axiom 2014. What an inspiring and perfectly choreographed evening of student-designed fashions, glamorous models, and captivating performances! You have all done such an... Read More ›

Thank You FABBAs!

18 Apr 2014

Held in Hong Kong each year, the Fund Managers, Asian Bankers, and Brokers Awards (FABBAs) event brings together hundreds of the regions financial professionals to raise funds for trulyworthwhile causes in Asia. Childrens Medical Foundation is honored to be a featured charity at the 2014 FABBA... Read More ›

CMF National Neonatal Conference

14 Apr 2014

Childrens Medical Foundation hosted its 3rd National Neonatal Conference in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, bringing together doctors, nurses, and administrators from partner hospitals across China. Over 2 days, attendees learned the latest on key neonatal care topics from Chinas top neonatol... Read More ›

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