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CMF with Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation

01 Jun 2018

CMFs Board of Directors visited Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation to speak with key members including Dong Jiancheng, Huang Jinyuan, Fei Tailun, Long Jing, Li Guifang and Dong Liying. CMF and Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation exchanged experiences in areas of maternal and infant safety a... Read More ›

CMF with National Children's Medical Centre

28 May 2018

CMF reunited with old friend Dr. John Walsh, son of Project HOPE Founder Dr. Bill Walsh. Leading neonatologist Dr. Steinhorn, CEO Dr. Kurt Newman and key members of D.C. CMF met with Childrens National Medical Centre to discuss future collaboration with CMF leadership. Read More ›

CMF team visits Guizhou for evaluation

07 Aug 2017

From June 22nd to July 4th, our program evaluation team, consisting of graduate students from the Fudan University School of Public Health in Shanghai, led by Dr. Jiang Hong, traveled to Guizhou province to assess the impact, accessibility, and sustainability of CMFs comprehensive neonatal hea... Read More ›

Baby Yuan's Second Chance

05 Oct 2016

The Yuans daughter was delivered in Bazhong Central Hospital on July 18th, 2014. She who only weighed 950 grams was admitted in NICU immediately. She diagnosed with premature and asphyxia, being fragile and weak, and unable to breathe on her own, requiring the assistance of ventilators. At the... Read More ›

Thanks to GiftCiti Sep 15th, 2016

15 Sep 2016

Thank you so much for Giftciti selecting Childrens Medical Foundation as one of the charities to post advocacy banner at your website. We are appreciated for this opportunity and thank you for your support. Click here to see the details. Read More ›

New Team Member Mary McHale – Sept 16th, 2016

14 Sep 2016

Meet Mary McHale, who joins CMF as a Consultant, charged with leading strategic planning, human resources and program development. During her five months of volunteer ship with CMF and as Head of the Recruitment Committee, Mary travelled to Guangzhou to visit CMFs training hospital for Yunnan,... Read More ›

Our Amazing Interns-Summer 2016

30 Aug 2016

This summer, we welcomed three interns to our office. Ruiyi Gao, a current student at Yale University, had interned with CMF for two months. Ruiyi joined the CMF team of conducting the evaluation of the Comprehensive Neonatal Health Project in Sichuan province. She helped with the drafting and... Read More ›

Marks & Clerk new Pro Bono Lawyers – Aug 29th, 2016

29 Aug 2016

CMF is grateful to Katherine Lai and the partners at Marks Clerk Hong Kong for their pro bono support of CMFs trade mark needs. Thank you Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer! The CMF Board would like to extend a special thank you to the team at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer for... Read More ›

Benchmark Study for Guizhou - June 22-26th, 2016

26 Jun 2016

The Guizhou Benchmark Study, to identify a 6th program site in Guizhou, was led by Dr. Chen Chao from Fudan University, and joined by Dr. Liu Ling from Guizhou Provincial Maternal and Child Hospital, and CMFs Program Director, Liu Guifang. The team evaluated the three remaining prefectures in ... Read More ›

BNP PARIBAS supports Children Medical Foundation May 18th, 2016

18 May 2016

On May 18th, 2016, Hong Kong Economic Times covered a recent research conducted by BNP PARIBAS to see philanthropic giving preference differences in regions. In East Asia, philanthropists prefer environmental organizations to health-oriented organizations, which are more favored in United Stat... Read More ›

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