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Vulnerability and Resilience in Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic

10 Feb 2021

COVID-19 has heightened the need to support children and help them cope with issues experienced during this time. CMF is exploring ways to helplocal Hong Kong children in areas of mental health by collaborating with partnering bodies to support our younger generation. Read More ›

CMF Family Expands!

31 Jan 2021

Congratulations to Jingru Liu, our Chief Representative of Sichuan Office who welcomed a healthy baby boy in December! Read More ›

Every Baby Rescued Program Updates

05 Jan 2021

In December, the CMF Program team was busy conducting benchmark studies to evaluate the neonatal needs and how CMF can support county facilities in Zhaotong and Dali. Thank you so much toDr. QI from Kunming Medical University No. 1 Hospital,Dr. LIU from Kunming Childrens Hospital, together wit... Read More ›

ViuTV96 Feature with TwoPresents

29 Sep 2020

TwoPresents shares the spotlight with CMF at 4:30pm Oct 10th on ViuTV96. Change Makers features social enterprises around Hong Kong making a difference. TwoPresents has been a valued partner, raising over HKD170,000 from celebrants donating a portion of their gift to CMF while limitiing themse... Read More ›

National Children's Medical Center Partnership for "Every Baby Rescued" Leadership & Technical Expertise

25 Jun 2020

On June 18th, 2020, CMF officially partneredwith the National Childrens Medical Center (NCMC), the pediatric advisory arm to Chinas National Health Commission. NCMC is a consortium of Chinas three most prestigious childrens hospitals: Beijing Childrens Hospital, Childrens Hospital of Fudan Uni... Read More ›