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Tencent Match Opportunity!

Posted on 08/09/2019

Please Donate NOW!
① Baby Ambulance
② Training Program
2. Donate as a group with friends! Click on “一起捐” and share with your friends. They can scan the QR code generated and follow your lead to donate!
Good morning friends of Children’s Medical Foundation!
Did you know that if your baby was born in rural China and needed a hospital, there is just no doctor nearby that can save his precious life, so he will not survive. But CMF & CFCAC can prevent this with these two programs that have been proven successful over 25 years of program work in China. 
Please Donate Together and share widely. This is our first time and TODAY is the last day on Tencent 99 Day with Matching from 9-10am!!
So extremely grateful for your generosity! 
Estella Huang Lung, CEO, CMF
Maggie Wang, Director, CFCAC
真诚地感谢大家的支持! ️ ️ ️ ️ 
Estella, 儿童医健基金会CEO 
王晓燕, 阳光梦想基金主任